Thursday, September 28, 2006

In the USA

I have arrived in the USA on my oddysey to meet US Trotz!
More later.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Islington UNISON meeting against Privatisation

Campaign Against Privatisation

Public Meeting Tuesday 7.00pm
3rd October 2006.

The Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, Upper Street N1

Speakers Include:
John McDonnell MP,
Chair, Public Sector not Private Profit, National Campaign.

Jon Rogers, UNISON National Executive Committee.
Ken Muller, Islington NUT and Islington Green School NUT Steward.
Andrew Berry, Islington UNISON, Deputy Branch Secretary.

Defend staff in Elderly Peoples homes, against a 50% wage cut by Care UK
Bring back under council control, Elderly Persons homes run by Care UK
Campaign against the closure of Islington Green school.
Stop Islington Green School being replace by an academy, run by city fat cats.
Campaign to bring School Catering back in council control
Stop the privatisation of Home Care.
Stop children home closures which will lead to more use of the private sector

Militant Boo

Here is a cat that supports the CFDU.


Both Boo cats together

here are the beautiful furry people, together. This just shows that hard line lefties are really quite soft underneath.
Meet Lleucu and Peekaboo (her sister).


Isn't she beautiful?

here is a fine example of a cat full of learning. We have two cats and I will post a picture of them both shortly. This is Lleucu (pronounced Cleeky) Boo. She was named by her previous humans, not by me.


Cat-ifornia >^..^<

I am off on me hols next week to Catifornia and will post stories of cats in bookshops from there and other mad-Mikey adventures.


What we stand for

Who am I and what do I stand for?

Well, I am a Marxist and a member of the Labour Party. There's a contradiction in terms. I know many of the lefty bloggers and it seems to be catching on.
I am a member of the trade union UNISON and the assistant branch secretary of the Islington branch.

Politically, I was once in the IMG--International Marxist Group--then its follow-up groups, the Socialist league (who published Socialist Action), the International Socialist Group (ISG-publishers of Socialist Outlook). I left them in 1991 and became politically aligned to a mainly French group called the Lambertists, after Gauloise smoking leader Pierre Lambert.
Now I support a small group called Workers Action (see ).

I nivite anyone who remembers all this or even me to write in and discuss those heady days back in the 1980's when we fought Reagan and Thatcher and spent our time in YCND and at Greenham Common.

Cheers for now